Thursday, October 15, 2015

Ninnin Köökki - What is it?

This is my restaurant, my all-time dream that will never come true in real life business. I have planned my small bistro so many times in my mind, that it has became already very dear to my.

Let me tell you something about it. Bistro, called “Ninnin köökki”, is slowfood kitchen for only few people. The atmosphere is intimate and relaxed. Even though, I sometimes fancy to prepare fine dining, this place is for enjoying food and wine, not the stiff etiquette.

Menu is never the same, and you can’t decide it. It is created based on my feelings, taste buds and most of all, seasonal ingredients. Sometimes menu contains 15 dishes, sometimes only 2. But I can promise, you always get value for your money. Or actually you don’t, because you won’t pay anything. The check never arrives to you table, -“Thank you” is enough for payment. And happy face!

"Ninnin köökki" means Ninni's kitchen in old Finnish dialect. I could have chosen easier name for my bistro, but I wanted to have something in my own language. And this name is comforting; it reminds me of my great-grandmother, who taught me to love and respect food and cooking. This small bistro, located in our house, is open always for our friends and loved-ones and welcomes them every time warmly.

But remember, you never know what you'll be served in this kitchen! 

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